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Aktuelles vom Lehrstuhl

Recognition for Excellence in Research and Teaching

Cologne Institute for Information Systems (CIIS) ranks 2nd place in Germany, top10 in Europe and top50 worldwide

Members of the Cologne Institute for Information Systems (CIIS) and the CIIS on an institutional level have achieved remarkable recognitions in most recent ranking surveys. According to WirtschaftsWoche(WIWO)-Ranking, a leading German business magazine, professors Wolf Ketter, Christoph Rosenkranz, and Detlef Schoder all rank top5% of all business researchers in the German speaking countries.

The Cologne Institute for Information Systems is one of the best ranked information systems research institutions worldwide according to the recently released 2021 ranking by the Association of Information Systems (top50 worldwide, top10 in Europe and 2nd place in Germany).

The study programmes hosted by CIIS within the WISO faculty of the University of Cologne are consistently ranked top10 over the last years, most recently on rank 6, from a practitioner perspective.

The University of Cologne is one of the strongest German-speaking universities in terms of research in business administration. The area Information Systems is a major contributor to this result. University of Cologne achieved 4th place in the WIWO-ranking, which compared 200 German-speaking universities, putting it in 2nd place within Germany.


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