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E-PLUS Project “Crowde”

Due to the corona situation, the current semester highlighted the importance of innovative solutions for digital teaching, not only for the University of Cologne, but for educational institutions worldwide. At the same time, the CIIS is adopting the E-PLUS project „crowde“, which was launched at the end of 2017 and represents an important step in this direction. With crowde, an attractive system in terms of usability with many features has been created. It uses the concept of crowdsourcing to support lecturers in the teaching of content and in the examination process. Students and teachers can create, evaluate and improve exam-relevant questions of different types in order to use them for practice purposes as well as for examination processes. crowde has already proved its worth in the practice of three CIIS courses with 1,528 questions created, 1,590 registered users, 276,582 evaluations submitted and 137,910 answers given. In addition to this, an enormous gain in knowledge can be recorded, which ranges from a developed process of content creation, over the continuous operation at the institute, up to the specification of legal questions regarding the automated creation of individual exams. This has created a basis for the development of further solutions that drive the digital transformation of teaching and can cope with situations like the current one.