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Online Exam Procedure for "Digital Transformation and Innovation"

Disclaimer: Legally binding information regarding exams (e.g., date, time, registration) are only available on KLIPS.

The exam for Module 1277B.DiTr0 MAP BM Digital Transformation / 1979B.SADM3 Module Examination Business Administration III, will take place on Thursday, February 11 2021, from 14:00 through 16:15 (60 min. preparation, 60 min. exam, 15 min. upload). The exam will take place as an online exam. Registration for the exam is required via KLIPS, as usual.

Preparation in Advance

To prepare in advance, students

To share a folder in sciebo:

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Day of the exam

On the day of the exam, students

  • need some empty sheets of paper and a pen,
  • need their UC card,
  • go to a place where they can work on their own on the exam,
  • have the batteries of their device charged and / or power supply at hand.

The exam procedure is split into three phases:

  1. 14:00 - 15:00: setup
  2. 15:00 - 16:00: exam
  3. 16:00 - 16:15: upload


At 14:00, students

  • log in to https://uni-koeln.sciebo.de,
  • open the shared folder DTI Exam 2021-02-11 Tasks and find

    • a file with the exam tasks (only test text until 15:00),
    • a link to a Zoom-Meeting,

  • join the Zoom-Meeting (optional / recommended),
  • check whether they can open the exam test text,
  • prepare a title page (see below),
  • test the upload procedure, that is,

    • use one sheet of paper and write some test text,
    • take a photo / make a scan of the text and
    • upload that photo / scan to your upload folder (see "Preparation in Advance").

Staff provides support via Zoom.

Title Page

1277BDiTr0 Core Module Digital Transformation (for UoC-Students)
1979B.SADM3 Module Examination Business Administration III (for Incomings)

Examiner: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Detlef Schoder

Student:                                                      page no. #01
[First Name] [Surname]
[Student ID (Matrikelnummer)]

Total number of pages: [insert prior to upload, INCLUDING this title page]


     |                                          |
     |                                          |
     |       place your UC card here            |
     |                                          |
     |                                          |


I hereby confirm that I have completed the exam on my own and without the assistance of other persons.


(Date, Signature)


The actual exam works as follows:

  • At 15:00, staff will publish the actual exam tasks (replace the test document).
  • Students have 60 minutes to work on the exam on their own. The exam is open book, that is, students can use teaching material. However, students are not allowed to collaborate.
  • Answers have to be written by hand on paper! As always, students need to ensure that their handwritten text can be read. We recommend to use only side of each sheet to improve scan results.
  • Students number all pages, starting with the title page as #01, and write their name and student number on each page.
  • Questions can be asked via Zoom and will be answered by the staff (optional / recommended).


At 16:00, staff will announce that students have to upload their answers until 16:15. Then, students

  • check whether all pages are numbered and bear their name and student number,
  • add the total number of pages to the title page (count INCLUDING the title page)
  • take a photo of or scan every page incl. the title page,
  • check for every photo / scan that the handwritten text can be read,
  • name photos / scans according to the following schema: Surname_Firstname_page.extension, e.g., Mustermann_Max_03.pdf (no page number, if all pages are in one file),
  • upload photos / scans to your upload folder (see "Preparation in Advance").

Trouble-shooting will be provided via Zoom. If file-upload fails, the fallback option is to send the photos / scan via email to hirschmeier@wim.uni-koeln.de.